The 43 year old binder.

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waveThank goodness I never claimed to be a serious writersblockwriter of anything. My dad was quite good at it, as well as 4 out of 10 siblings that I know of, and definitely some offspring of said siblings.

My attempt was an odd style of poetry, very short, blunt, and evidently with hidden feelings of pullhair angst. I even gave myself a pen name; Flair Parker. Those that lived back then knew that ‘Flair’ and ‘Parker’ were brand names of some good ballpoint pens. What better pen name could one have than that?

Anyway, at the time I was penning/typing them, they were just meant to be fun and silly; to break the monotony of the work day. Yes, they occurred during the work day, starting 43 years ago when I was a service order typist for blahblahyellow Company, and I loved it.

Sharing with my best friend at the time as she sat beside me typing away, we were able to have some chuckles over my poetry concoctions. No, I wasn’t a goof off,  I happened to have the best record consistently of most service orders typed with almost no errors.

Out of the blue, something would pop into my head, and before I knew it I had typed it out on the computer or scribbled down on a piece of paper.

Our company having been one of the first to have computers1977 computer.jpg  (known as a CDT), it was quick from start to finish.

Yay us! It sure beat the heck out of the teletype machines.

Oh  doh-1, did I forget to tell  you?  That’s what’s in the binder. Poetry, ditties, and whatnots, written by me, Anita J Smith aka Flair Parker.

If you read them, be prepared to either laugh, feel sorry for me, or sorry for my best friend. She ‘got me’ though, so it was all in good fun. You’ll know what I mean starting with page … ha, I’m not tellin’. You’re gonna have to read them to find out. I’ll just say this, it was a true blessing when she recovered from her illness.

Looking back on this myself, I AM SHOCKED and HORRIFIED at how atrocious the handwriting is on some that I scribbled down. No doubt my mind was racing ahead of me because as a general rule, my handwriting is neat and legible. I wouldn’t want it any other way as you can see in my ©AJS copyright signature.

Initially, I was going to type them all out here, but decided instead to put them in a PDF file.  So here they are in all their…ugh….what’s the opposite of ‘Glory’. Whatever it is, that would be it. 😉

AJS Poetry and Angst and Ditties

I’m going to hide now…. in my Chosen Bubble. bolt

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